Working together is better

Long-term collaboration with BackstageIT proves to be more convenient and cost-effective than local hiring. Simply share your technical requirements, and our people coordinators will select a team of engineers tailored to your specifications.


Talent shortage

Finding local programmers is tough – you’re competing with big tech companies for top talent.

Lack of expertise

You can’t find tech specialists with a specific skill set

Quick kick-off

You are looking for a model that allows for fast team deployment and scalability

Transparent business model

You want to know how much your developers are earning and be in control of their salary increases


Client kick-off

We arrange an in-depth online or face-to-face meeting to discuss your requirements. If you don’t have a job description, we can help with the preparation at this stage. Based on our questions, we will be able to build a profile of your ideal software developer.



Full understanding

It’s not just about the technical or soft skills requirements on paper, we take the time to understand your business and the type of persons that would thrive in your culture.


Market update

We provide an honest opinion about market conditions, the availability of developer stacks and how attractive your role and compensation package are.


First phase of recruitment

We make a thorough analyse of the position that you search. Our recruiters will check our own software if we already have the right “fit” in our database. We start the same day campaigns to recruit your ideal candidate.


​​Final interview stage

We will organize the interview and also be present at this digital meeting. After the interviews, you make your final selection, and we arrange all the paperwork.

Start working

In-depth interviewing

We complete extensive interviewing to select your preferred candidates from a group of people who’ve been qualified according to all of your technical, salary, personality, English level requirements. *The candidate will pass an automated technical assessment test used by us to filter candidates. This ensures developers will have the right competencies for the role. The outcome will be added in a report that will be presented to you, so you can evaluate their performance completely. Based on this report you can decide if you want to make an appointment for an interview with the candidate.


The price model we offer is based on transparency and at the same time flexibility. For us it is important to achieve a partnership based on trust and cooperation.

That is why the total cost per month is actually decided by you.

fee includes:

*The fee does not include the setup costs (computer, monitor, headphones, desk & chair)

  • Comfortable, modern office
  • Office manager that makes sure your software developers have everything they need forwork
  • System administrator
  • Office access control systems
  • Daily lunches
  • Croissants, fresh fruits, snack bar, beverage fridge
  • Office supplies and utilities
  • Birthday cakes, gift boxes
  • Team building events (paintball, kayaking, karting, hiking)
  • Corporate parties (Christmas, Programmer’s Day, Barbecue party)
  • Monthly surprise days (culinary experiences, massages, international holiday celebrations, kudos, do-yourself kits)
  • Accountants and legal advisors
  • Payroll and all bank costs related to salaries payment, card maintenance
  • A professional core team that takes care of the needs of developers (Recruiters, Finance, Marketing, Sales and Client Management)
  • Recruitment platform subscriptions
  • Prepaid course provider accounts
  • Participation in conferences
  • Book purchase
  • Free English classes