Why do you need a Front-End developer on your team?

Discover the importance of having a front-end developer on your team. Explore when and why businesses should consider hiring these experts to enhance user experience, streamline development processes, and stay ahead in today’s competitive online world.

In a world focused on growing to be 100% online present, where user experience is basically one of the most important features of a web product, having a skilled front-end developer on your team is one of those points you absolutely need for building cool websites or applications.

A front-end developer brings a certain set of skills to the table, that can transform your online presence and user satisfaction, and of course drive business growth. Let’s dive into some more in-depth information that might change your mind to get a front-end developer on your team. 

Here are some reasons why we think having a front-end developer is important:

  • Front-end developers prioritize user experience and ensure intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. This leads to higher user satisfaction and adoption rates.
  • They bridge the gap between design and development teams, transforming design mockups into functional code and then into the website or application.
  • Front-end developers write code that provides a consistent user experience across all types of devices. 
  • They optimize the code to improve loading times, responsiveness, and overall the whole performance, for better website/app usability.

You need to hire a front-end developer if:

  • Your user interfaces are not intuitive or visually appealing.
  • Your website or application is not functioning properly across different devices and browsers.
  • Your website or application has sluggish loading times.
  • There are delays or miscommunications between the design and development teams.
  • Your interfaces don’t adapt to different screen sizes.
  • Your team lacks the necessary UI/UX expertise to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Your development workload increases, and you need additional resources to handle front-end tasks efficiently.

While we’re here, we asked our front-end developers why they think companies need a front-end developer in their team, so here’s what they said:

Nelea, Front-end Developer (React) 

“Front-end developers are essential for companies because they contribute to a positive user experience, ensure cross-platform compatibility, optimize performance, facilitate collaboration, and drive innovation. Their skills and expertise are critical in building attractive, functional, and user-friendly websites and applications that meet the needs of both businesses and end-users.”

Radu, Front-end Developer (Angular & Flutter) 

“Front-end developers are vital for companies aiming to create user-friendly, visually appealing, and performant web and mobile interfaces. Their expertise in UI/UX design, web technologies, and collaboration makes them essential team members in today’s digital landscape.”

Anastasia, Front-end Developer (Vue.js) 

“Front-end developers make employees’ and clients’ work much easier and more interesting by creating a better user experience for all kinds of processes. It always increases employees’ results and the number of clients. Employees’ productivity depends on how optimized and logical tools are used and how easily they can interact with them. The work of developers has a direct impact on the number of customers. Often, the trust and image of a company are formed after visiting its website. A good experience gives the necessary confidence to attract clients.”

Mihaela, Front-end Developer (Angular) 

“I think that every company should have at least a few front-end developers because we are essential in creating user interfaces that are not only visually appealing but also intuitive and responsive. By ensuring smooth navigation and seamless user experiences we can help to increase user engagement, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, business growth.”

Alexandru,  Front-end Developer (React.js) 

“Most companies that have a presence on the internet need a front-end developer, as it is their job to code everything that a person interacts with. Front-end developers bring to life the designers’ twisted fantasies and make the connection between your business logic and the client. They provide both back-end developers and designers with valuable expertise in implementing new features for your product that will make the client happy. 

Fun fact, front-end frameworks (such as React or Angular) are also used in AI technologies. These frameworks help in creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for AI applications. As AI continues to gain popularity and advancements, the need for front-end developers with expertise in these frameworks will remain significant. So, it can be said that front-end development is a job that will continue to be in demand, regardless of future developments in technology.”