Why choose Chișinău to extend your software development team?

When it comes to extending your team, location can play a critical role in the success of your business. Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, has emerged as a top destination for companies looking to expand their teams.

Most people know by now that Chișinău, the capital of the Republic of Moldova, is constantly growing from the perspective of software development. But first, let us explain how and why it’s a location you should definitely consider for team expansion.

Economic environment

Chișinău has an IT Park. Since its founding in 2018, it has been rapidly expanding. 
It currently has 1000 official residents and more than 15000 employees. In the last few years, it has gained so much business land that some new companies may be filling out an application form as you read this article.

Over 175 companies in Moldova IT Park have foreign capital, so if you want to extend your team in Moldova, you’re not enrolling yourself in an uncertain experiment. You’ve already got peers here, so the thing is real and very functional.

In the last few years, the IT industry, in Moldova, has gained the reputation of pretty much the best-paid economic domain, so more and more people from Chisinau, especially youngsters, are starting to get into tech.

Technologies and programming languages

As the city has the largest number of programmers, the adoption of a high diversity of technologies in Moldova begins here. They all work with a variety of technologies including JavaScript, PHP, .NET, Python, iOS, Android, and manual and automated software testing. 

For instance, hiring specialists with expertise in BI might challenging in other cities, yet Chisinau can offer some of the best specialists. Moreover, there are more programmers specializing in rare technologies like, Go, Erlang, and Scala. Many senior developers who mastered Java and other popular languages often want to extend their expertise and try something new. They work with Big Data and build complex architectures and high-load systems. Thus they can help companies with the most complicated and interesting projects.

Geographic competitive advantage

Chisinau has an advantageous strategic location unrivaled by most neighboring cities. Moldova falls within the GMT +3 time zone, which makes it very convenient to set up meetings with your extended software development team. The city is served by a modern international airport and convenient airline connections.

The cultural component

People in Moldova are really hard-working, and if they are motivated enough, they can exceed your expectations.

The work ethics dominating the IT industry in Moldova are very similar to those of Western businesses. Moldavian developers aren’t just performers. They’re open to challenges, get really invested in the projects they’re working on and are willing to succeed.

Moreover, a recent survey revealed that, if treated with respect and appreciation, 60% of Moldavians are willing, of their own free will, to work even more than they are officially asked to, plus they spend extra time developing their skills: they read educational materials, attend courses, or attend IT events.

The working model provided by BackstageIT – extended teams keeps the employee in touch with the central core team members here, in Chisinau,  as well as their direct team, from the Netherlands, so the environment state can be continuously checked on, and changed for the better if needed.

The big financial advantage

It involves lower costs. Simple as that. Eastern Europe is economically cheaper than Western Europe and other regions. It’s certainly more expensive than some other places, but it’s still reasonably priced.

You’ll get quality work done with fewer logistics, maintenance, and taxes (because of the IT park). It’s also important to know that, since the IT industry produces an important part of the GDP (7,1% in 2022), there’s a big emphasis on the domain’s stability.

To maximize the benefits of a double culture, it’s also important to foster an inclusive and respectful work environment, encourage open and honest communication, and provide opportunities for team members to learn about each other’s cultures. This can help the teams build trust and cohesion, which, over time, can improve performance.

To sum up, the IT market dynamics, the large pool of IT professionals, and the great geographical location is makes Chisinau an attractive IT destination. BackstageIT is among companies offering extended software development teams. With vast experience in Chisinau, we can offer our clients the best solutions for their scaling needs. So what are you waiting for? Come visit us, our new office is right in the center of the city, with a beautiful view of Central Park, we can talk over a nice cup of coffee.