Moldova: Europe’s next tech powerhouse

Many companies don’t know what to expect when considering Moldova as an IT destination. The country is relatively small and has only been independent for over thirty years. Interestingly enough, not many people know that when you come to Moldova, you can take advantage of the dynamic growth in the IT and telecom sectors that Moldova has enjoyed over the past few years.

We’ve seen this opportunity in the past and are now taking full advantage of it.

If you are considering it, now in mid-2024 is the perfect opportunity to consider extending your development team to Moldova. Let us explain why.

Current opportunities

The Moldovan IT ecosystem is evolving rapidly, thanks to the talented people here. In 2023, there were about 30.000 ICT professionals and over 4.000 students. Many of them speak English and are joining new tech communities to improve their skills.

Still doubting? Read some important insights on the Moldovan IT sector:

Innovation: Multiple organizations (including USAID, ATIC, and the Moldovan Association of IT Companies), in cooperation with local IT companies and the Technical University of Moldova, are constantly launching new projects and events to train the local talent pool. These include paid internships, conferences on web development, ICT career orientations, and university courses focused on trending languages and technologies.

Flexibility to target multiple markets: Moldovan specialists are multilingual and often speak at least three languages. Most speak Romanian, Russian, and English, with a steadily increasing number speaking competent French and German. This provides flexibility in targeting various markets for IT services and products.

New training models: Innovative training models, such as programs for rural senior school students and initiatives encouraging workers from other sectors to switch to the ICT sector, are gaining traction in Moldova.

Funding and technical support: Development organizations (USAID, UNDP, World Bank, Austrian Development Agency, etc.) are deeply involved in improving the ICT sector’s competitiveness in the country. Moldova boasts a healthy IT ecosystem with several expert communities, IT clusters, hubs, innovation parks, and accelerators that facilitate continuous improvement.

Other benefits:

IT talent: Out of about 30.000 ICT specialists currently working in Moldova, 80% hold technical positions, including software engineers, QA testers, developers, and product and project managers.

Geographical position: The country has a convenient time zone, especially for European companies, with up to a 3-hour time difference. Flights usually take around 2-3 hours. Additionally, most people have a great understanding of both Eastern and Western cultures.

No VISAs needed: European citizens don’t need a visa to come to Moldova, saving time and money.

Fast internet: The average internet speed in Moldova is higher than in some more developed countries (such as Germany, Switzerland or Estonia), according to the 2023 Worldwide Broadband Speed League.

EU integration: Moldova is an EU candidate country and has been part of a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the EU since 2014.


The Moldovan software development industry is among the country’s fastest-growing sectors. Tech companies in Moldova ensure a steady capital inflow into the country’s economy, attracting foreign investments and paying fair taxes.

International companies are continuously discovering Moldova as a great place to extend their in-house software development potential. We understand that for some companies, opening their entity in Moldova can be time-consuming and distracting from their core business. That’s why we, BackstageIT, are here to help you avoid this hassle and take care of your team of developers. 

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