In the IT landscape: Navigating challenges across the Netherlands in 2023

The IT industry is constantly evolving, and the Netherlands is in the top of the innovative countries. However, this rapid pace of change come with challenges for businesses and individuals alike. This blog post explores some of the key IT challenges facing the Netherlands in 2023 and showcases how BackstageIT can help reduce them.

Are you in the IT business? We get it—navigating the tech landscape is like steering a ship through stormy waters. But fear not, because, at BackstageIT, we’ve got some incredible stories to share about how our extended software development teams stepped up to the plate when our clients faced their toughest challenges.

Solving the talent shortage & process puzzles

So, picture this: The Netherlands, a digital skills paradise. Sure, Amsterdam is the beating heart of tech with its unicorns like Booking, MessageBird, Takeaway, and Adyen. Post-Brexit, the Silicon Canals saw a surge in activity, but the real magic lies beyond Amsterdam. Startup jobs are booming in Rotterdam, influenced by its bustling port, and in Eindhoven, Utrecht, and Enschede, thanks to their vibrant startup scenes fueled by top-notch education and research investments.

Now, the demand for tech skills is shooting through the roof across the country. But here’s the catch: many local developers are hesitant to join startups due to concerns about job security and structure. Our move? We assisted multiple startups in building development teams in Moldova and played consultant matchmaker to ensure seamless collaboration and effective structures.

Accelerating digital transformation

So, there we were at a networking event, discovering startups struggling with the hunt for AI developers. After some detective work, our recruiters unearthed a treasure trove of tech enthusiasts in Moldova eager to jump into innovative projects. That’s when our journey into the AI sphere began. We not only helped one AI client grow their team with Python and React wizards but also realized that others could benefit from our expertise. At WorldSummit AI, we connected with startups facing development team challenges, some of whom were curious about the rising star that is Moldova, the emerging hub of AI talent.

Breaking borders & bridging the skills gap

Now, here’s a twist: some of our clients are all about that family-owned business vibe, valuing team unity and face-to-face connections. But faced with the talent shortage echoing across Europe, they decided to toss skepticism aside and take a bold leap. Their destination? Moldova is a talent hotspot. The game-changing move? Embracing a new breed of offshoring. Forget the old ways of saving costs with a project-based team; now, it’s about tapping into experienced engineers with those niche skills everyone’s clamoring for.

In the grand scheme of things, the Dutch tulip bubble crash was caused by irrational demand. Fast forward to today, and a potential tech crash looms due to a lack of supply. Don’t waste precious time searching for the perfect software development talent for your business. Reach out to us, and let’s craft a solution together. Your tech triumph awaits!