Embracing digital transformation: a strategic priority for businesses in 2024

More than likely, the search that landed you here is one that we’ve been seeing more and more these days. Let us take a guess – did it look anything like “digital transformation for my business” or “invest in digital transformation”?

In the ever-evolving landscape of the business world, digital transformation has become a cornerstone for companies striving to stay ahead. At BackstageIT, a leading IT firm specializing in extended software development teams, we’ve closely observed the profound impact that digital transformation has had on our clients in 2023, and the trend is even more pronounced as we step into 2024.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of replacing outdated systems and manual processes with digital technologies and tools to maximize employee productivity and improve overall business performance.

Digital transformation allows companies to:

  • simplify and optimize processes
  • facilitate internal collaboration and communication
  • reduce the time spent on manual tasks
  • make more informed, data-driven decisions
  • increase business agility
  • improve customer experiences

*You might hear “digital transformation” and picture big corporations with complex modernization. But hold up – it’s not just for the big players! Digital transformation is like a superhero cape for businesses of any size. Let’s dive into some real stories to see how businesses, big and small, implemented their digital solutions.

Insights from 2023 clients:

Our journey alongside clients in 2023 allowed us to witness firsthand how digital transformation wasn’t just an option but a necessity. Companies that embraced the change saw improved efficiency, increased agility, and a stronger market position.

Small business: In the dynamic world of marketing, our client, an online marketing company, decided to improve and modernize their SaaS application. The solution develope by their local team in collaboration with their extended development team at BackstageIT led to a successful transformation in the administration of marketing campaigns across different digital channels. The result? Noticeable cost reductions, faster product releases, and a better customer experience, ultimately resulting in increased cross and up-sales.

Mid-size business: In the effort to navigate the digital landscape, our client, a logistics company built with us an extended team of software developers to cover digitalization of the following areas: custom software development, mobile applications, and data analytics. The tailored software solutions helped improve the overall efficiency of operations. User-friendly mobile applications improved communication and real-time tracking for drivers, logistics teams, and customers. Advanced data analytics empowered the logistics company with informed decision-making capabilities.

Enterprise: In a world that’s constantly evolving, our client, a prominent Dutch HR tech company realized the need for a digital upgrade to streamline the search process of freelancers for various projects. That’s when they chose BackstageIT as their ally to build an extended team of developers that has developed an online marketplace that connects employers worldwide with vetted and certified freelancers for a task or project. Result? A dynamic hub packed with great freelance talent, helping worldwide companies to faster complete projects or short assignments and improve workforce flexibility.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises embrace distinct digital transformation strategies. While some prioritize cost efficiency, others aim for market leadership. Companies customize their choice of tools, technologies, and solutions according to their business goals and priorities. This extends to the selection of tech talent solutions, whether through in-house teams, outsourcing, or outstaffing, to support their transformation initiatives.

In conclusion, the digital revolution is not just on the horizon—it’s here. Businesses that recognize the urgency of embracing digital transformation will thrive in the dynamic business landscape of 2024 and beyond. At BackstageIT, we are prepared to help you build the optimal extended development team. This team will play a pivotal role in steering your organization through digitalization, enabling you to thrive in this new era