Ask Phill is an award-winning e-commerce agency. They’ve specialised in Shopify Plus since day one, working with brands in the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty industries.

Find out how Ask Phill managed to augment their technical workforce with the help of the BackstageIT Extended Development Team.

Ask Phill is an award-winning e-commerce agency. They’ve specialized in Shopify Plus since day one, working with brands in the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty industries. There are two things they’re passionate about e-commerce and realizing potential. What inspires them are the brands they’re working with and the talented individuals within them.

Their motto: be the frontrunners in Direct-to-Consumer e-commerce, not only driving innovation for their clients but also helping them succeed. Setting the industry standard is their mission, and most importantly, with a positive mindset and the best team.

The story so far…

In 2021, Ask Phill had a requirement for 3 React developers with expertise in working with Shopify APIs to strengthen their team. They heard about BackstageIT through a satisfied client and decided to collaborate with us to find the right candidates.

With BackstageIT’s help, Ask Phill successfully filled the positions within just 4 weeks! They were so impressed with the outcome that they decided to continue the partnership. Since then, they have formed an amazing team of 5 developers, and their collaboration continues to thrive.


Technical Skills Shortage 

In light of the talent shortages associated with the global eCommerce skills market, Ask Phill recognized the need to broaden the geographical boundaries of their search. They needed a partner that could deliver a shortlist of candidates with the right soft skill sets who were ready for a new opportunity and were willing to dive deeper into the dynamic world of eCommerce.

Cultural fit

Ask Phill embarked on a mission to recruit exceptional colleagues who could navigate APIs proficiently and distinguish between SaaS and CMS. They searched for individuals who comprehended software limitations while also possessing the courage to push boundaries.

Moreover, Ask Phill recognized the value of fostering diversity within their team. With a diverse group of individuals from various nationalities already present in their Dutch office, they fearlessly extended their team to Moldova, embracing the power of global talent and diversity.

Encouraging growth and learning, Ask Phill consistently supports their employees in taking risks and exploring new opportunities, even if it means making a few mistakes along the way. They firmly believe that such experiences contribute to personal and professional growth, enabling individuals to bounce back and move forward with the tenacity of champions.

Placements to date:

1 Tech Lead

4 React/Shopify Developers

The assignment

Ask Phill wanted to recruit professionals in Moldova, forming an extended team that would work hand in hand with their existing squads in the Netherlands. The initial search was for an experienced and proactive React Developer. They needed a forward-thinking person, who would later be able to lead the team from Moldova.

During the search, BackstageIT thoroughly surveyed the local market to find the perfect candidate for Ask Phill. Their dedicated people coordinators closely collaborated with Ask Phill to ensure the client’s needs and requirements were met. As a result, a carefully curated shortlist of pre-screened candidates was presented.

The selection process consisted of two stages of interviews, where the candidates were evaluated for their skills and suitability. The final stage involved an extensive interview with Ask Phill’s Head of Tech to ensure the best fit.

Ultimately, the chosen candidate possessed more than 3 years of experience in front-end software development. Their expertise and qualifications made them the ideal choice to join Ask Phill’s team.


After BackstageIT helped Ask Phill find the perfect candidate and stay within the budget, and not long after, they decided to expand their team even more. Now they have 4 more front-end developers, all focusing on React/Shopify. The expansion enabled them to augment their technical workforce, ensuring they had the necessary resources to meet client demands efficiently.


Here are some points that Ask Phill has appreciated about our Extended Team Model since the beginning of our collaboration:

Cultural fit

Because of the enormous level of focus within the recruitment processes, BackstageIT was able to quickly find the best fit for both the cultural and technical expectations of Ask Phill.


Ask Phill appreciated the increased responsiveness and faster recruitment processes, while employees embraced the diverse work culture and the opportunities for growth and learning.

Collaboration and alignment

Ask Phill’s strategic expansion into Moldova not only helped them bridge the tech talent gap challenges they faced in The Netherlands but also positioned them for future growth. The successful integration of skilled professionals from Moldova into their squads has not only enriched the company’s technical capabilities but has also added to the diversity and inclusivity of its organizational culture.

With a strong extended development team established in Moldova, Ask Phill is well-positioned to thrive and deliver outstanding e-commerce services to its clients.


Based on the clients Ask Phill has gained over time, and the experience they’ve gathered, they are sure their team will grow. The company plans to invest in continuous skill development programs to enhance the technical capabilities of its employees in Moldova, keeping up with industry trends and demands.

Ask Phill’s goal is to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between their teams in The Netherlands and Moldova. This is through business trips or team-building trips to The Netherlands. They are sure this will strengthen the collaboration between both locations to deliver exceptional results for their clients.